Mitch Cordover

Chesterfield, MO

I’ve been flying kites as a serious hobby for nearly a decade and started building kites as a full time activity about 4 years ago.

I have flown on most of the continents including Antarctica, and on a number of ships and islands to boot.

I've tested the kites I'll be teaching this year extensively.

I like to fly when I have a few minutes in parking lots and school yards. Until I retired recently, I unwound from a hectic night shift in the Emergency Department by flying for a few minutes. The Fighter and the ram sled are the kites I used.

I fly and compete with fighters I build myself. I won the Novice line touch competition at the nationals a few years ago with the kite we will build at U-MAKE.

I took second place in Single Line Indoor last year and your kites will have some of the same build and flight characteristics as my Horvath gliders.


As a previous Med School professor, I have a real passion for teaching and have lead classes for schools, scouts, town fairs and art stores.

Previous classes: U-MAKE and at AKA Grand Nationals. Also plenty of experience teaching as a Med School Professor and classes for schools, scouts, town fairs and art stores!