René Maier

Bäretswil, Switzerland

Shared Fort Worden Instructor

René Maier..... I cannot say what is more beautiful - kite building or kite flying. Both have their charm and satisfaction. If a self-made kite flies for the first time in the sky, this is a great feeling. When the desired effect looks as expected, perfect. But the next ideas are already waiting and so a new project is started again.

René writes.....

It started with holiday at the sea - we avidly followed the various people at the beach flying their kites. Fascinated by the interaction of wind and kite we bought one and started our first trials. Obsessed, we spent all the remaining days of our vacation at the beach.

Back home we wanted our kites continue to fly, but it did not work. While the other family members lost interest, my curiosity was created. I began slowly to understand why a kite is flying and what is more cumbersome to flight. I bought additional kites and also visited the first kite festivals. The diversity and creativity inspired, so that it was only a matter of time until the first self-made kite was flying into the sky.

More models followed, initially exactly based on instructions, then with small changes. Size and complexity increased which each model. Today I still use sometimes existing plans as a basis for designing new kites or start simply from scratch. This is also how the last project arise – after three years of trials and testing and with support from dear friends, the idea of a flying heart has come about; a heart kite is born. The result has a certain appeal and I want to see more self-made kites in the sky, hence I share the design with those who are interested in it.