Ryan Larkey

Ryan LarkeyLiberty, MO

Ryan Larkey is the design part of Team Larkey, so named because of the speed and way projects are finished with Ryan designing, Dad Randy cutting, and Mom Linda sewing.

Ryan has taught many times at U-MAKE, several local no sew workshops, and workshops at Kites Over Grinnell, IA. Ryan brings his 3-dimensional computer-aided drafting skills to the kite design world with numerous unique creations and exacting measurements and plans.

Ryan is the reason Team Larkey’s projects are assembled easily and accurately. Experience the techniques.

Previous classes:

· Presented numerous classes at U-MAKE (2011 Indoor Fighter, 2012 Miniature Rok/Eddy, 2014 OctoGlide or Comet Kite, 2015 Charlie Sotich No Sew Inspirational, 2016 Event Feather, Indian Glider) and locally in Kansas City