Emergency Procedures at Taft

You are at Taft to have fun, but stuff happens. Near each fire extinguisher is a printed list of emergency procedures.

We are also lucky enough to have two physicians attend U-MAKE......Mitch Cordover and Mary Pat McManmon. I will send you out emails to let you know what classes they will be in.

For general emergencies...call Linda Larkey first.....816-550-5246. For REAL emergencies, dial 911.

Cell phone CONTACTS

Grant Lovett 317 965-1945 Linda Larkey 816 550 5246

Dean Murray 612 743-4593 Ryan Larkey 816 550 5231

Mark Ledvina 414 940-1325 Angie Chau 317 370-0961

In the event of an emergency, any Taft Staff member will assist you. The contact person of the group (Linda Larkey) will be given a number to reach the Taft Staff host. All other adult participants should locate the group contact person or call the Taft Campus phone number listed below in an emergency.

Emergency Phone Number: (815) 732-2111 This is the emergency number for Taft Campus. During the evening and throughout the weekend, calls are answered by a voicemail system. Therefore, callers should remain on the line, rather than push an extension number, and at the end of the welcome message, the phone will ring across the campus allowing a Taft Staff member to answer the call. Any emergency phone calls will be delivered to the group coordinator immediately.

Medical: for minor cuts, there is a cloth bag in each fire extinguisher case. Other items please stop by the office during office hours. After Office hours, please check contact your group leader who can then contact your Taft Host on duty during your stay.

911: Ogle County has enhanced 911 which will locate where you are calling from. If you use a campus phone, you have to dial 9 first, then 911.

Lorado Taft Field Campus 1414 North River Road Oregon, IL 61061

Phone: (815) 732-2111 Fax: (815) 732-4242

Hospital: the nearest hospital is KSB Hospital in Dixon. The phone number is (815) 288-5531. We can provide you with a map and directions. Please notify the Taft Host before going to KSB.


403 East 1st Street Dixon, IL 61021 (815) 288-5531

Fire: in case of a fire, go to either Eagle’s Nest or the Dining Hall (whichever is furthest from the fire) and take a head count. The Taft Host will take charge of the situation and determine when the area is safe to return to.

Severe Weather: in the event of severe weather, go to Lower Heckman. Try to stay away from any windows. If you cannot make it to Lower Heckman, go to a bathroom in your dorm, a bathroom in your meeting room, a low lying area away from any structures.

*The office and your host has a weather alert radio that will alert us about any severe weather.