Website info needed

Advertising is key for our enrollment numbers. For that we need your help.

Here are links to samples of the Bio Page and Project Page that we will build for each instructor and each project.

We want participants eager to enroll not for the project, but for the chance to take a class that YOU teach!

Don't be shy! Brag! Please be aware although the U-MAKE committee knows you, our participants may live under a rock and do not. Please brag a lot.

• Name

• City, ST (or Country)

• How long in kiting, special appearances done, places you have flown that was special, any great kiting experiences, any awards for kitemaking or kite flying, AKA membership/positions

• Where/what classes you have taught

The second stage will unveil the classes you will be presenting for U-MAKE 2016. We will need details of the projects (sizes, color selections, etc) along with techniques that your students may master in the class (or at least be exposed to). With this announcement about the projects, we hope to appeal to the goal-oriented students who want to learn new skills. Please cover all elements below in your description.

• Name of Project

• Sew or No Sew, or Both

• Difficulty Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

• Size of project

• Description

• Supplies that student should bring to class

• Cost of Workshop Kit and what is provided in the kit or classroom (an estimate within $10-$20 would be ok. We will send out a final cost just before U-MAKE that can adjust for changing costs)

• Color choice, if any

• Cutoff date of enrolling/ordering a kit

• Can participants reasonably expect to finish in time provided at U-MAKE or will they need to finish at home; or should participants partially complete projects before attending (cutting out own project (custom colors!), sewing to a certain assembly step)

• Will teachers be willing to sell extra kits to U-MAKE participants that are not enrolled in your class?

The last stage will be just before we open registration near Halloween, or maybe a bit earlier. For that push we will need a price for your kits as best you can figure. If you can't pin an exact price down, a price range will be fine. We know prices do fluctuate, and we can always send your students a final price right before class so they can have exact change.

I would like to have everyone's bios and bragging rights by mid June, to advertise the first part of July. The projects will be announced about three weeks later.

Thanks so much!

General Guidelines for teachers

• Promote yourself. Please sell yourself. Make participants WANT to take your class (any class!) from just your bio! ANY class you present will be awesome!

• Promote your project Please sell your project. Great word descriptions and great pictures! Wind ranges your project will fly in, and special techniques that a participant will learn taking your class.

• Please be aware of timelines We need info from you a long time ahead of the classes! Please make sure we get the info to properly promote you and your classes!

• Be realistic with your time frames A general rule is that it may take 2 to 3 times longer for a student to sew your project in a classroom setting than what you can sew it. There may be ways to cut down on that time by having some steps done ahead of time. We want to impart enough knowledge so the student can make another project on their own with the techniques they have learned in class, but not necessarily spend a half day hemming. A better use of time is pockets, sparring and bridling. For instance, when presenting the Team Larkey FanBan Banner, it was decided to have the black and white panels already sewn together, allowing class participants to skip the steps of sewing them together then cutting the panels to the correct wedge size. The panels were also hemmed before class (easy to do before cutting the wedges!) to save an hour in the class. The extra steps in kit preparation allowed the project to fit into a certain time slot.

• Be realistic with us! We want to present the BEST choice of varied projects from the BEST INSTRUCTORS! But we can't always offer total travel reimbursement. We can always offer Registration! If you are planning to be in the area, or just want to come and teach when another instructor is planning on being with us, TELL us! We have more flexibility than we have money!